LI Mingfu,HUANG Renfeng,ZHANG Qingtong,et al.Effects of different pretreatments on the structure and antioxidant activity of sugarcane bagasse lignin[J].Journal of Forestry Engineering,2019,4(06):112-120.[doi:10.13360/j.issn.2096-1359.2019.06.016]





Effects of different pretreatments on the structure and antioxidant activity of sugarcane bagasse lignin
广西大学轻工与食品工程学院,广西清洁化制浆造纸与污染控制重点实验室,南宁 530004
LI Mingfu HUANG Renfeng ZHANG Qingtong LUO Bin GUO Chenyan CHEN Changzhou WANG Shuangfei MIN Douyong*
College of Light Industry and Food Engineering, Guangxi Key Laboratory of Clean Pulp Papermaking and Pollution Control, Guangxi University, Nanning 530004, China
预处理 蔗渣木素 核磁共振 DPPH自由基 抗氧化性
pretreatment bagasse lignin NMR DPPH free radicals antioxidant
采用热水和稀酸预处理蔗渣后,根据Björkman法从蔗渣样品中分离出7种木素。此外,从蔗渣硫酸盐制浆黑液中分离出硫酸盐木素(KL)。利用二维核磁(1H-13C HSQC NMR)和磷谱(31P NMR)分析8种木素样品的分子结构和官能团,再利用木素对1,1-二苯基-2-三硝基苦肼(DPPH)自由基的清除能力评价木素的抗氧化性能,并建立木素清除DPPH自由基的等温反应动力学模型。结果表明,随着热水预处理强度的增加,木素芳基醚键(β-O-4')断裂增加,麦黄酮、阿魏酸和对香豆酸降解率增加,酚羟基和羧基含量增加。抗氧化性测试表明:蔗渣磨木木素的DPPH自由基清除率为86.73%,热水处理木素对DPPH自由基最大清除率为91.70%,稀酸预处理木素和硫酸盐木素的DPPH自由基清除率分别为84.75%和83.22%。等温吸附反应模型分析表明,木素对DPPH自由基的清除过程更符合Langmuir模型,预处理提高了木素对DPPH的清除速率。与蔗渣磨木木素相比,稀酸预处理和硫酸盐蒸煮降低了木素的抗氧化性,热水预处理则提高了木素的抗氧化性。
Seven lignins were isolated from bagasse by Björkman method after pretreatment with hot water(5 pretreatment conditions)and dilute acid.In addition, Kraft lignin(KL)was isolated from black liquor obtained from bagasse Kraft pulping process.The molecular structure and functional groups of the above 8 lignin samples were analyzed by 1H-13C HSQC NMR and 31P NMR, and their antioxidant performance was evaluated by the scavenging ability for 1,1-diphenyl-2-trinitropicrohydrazine(DPPH)free radicals.The isothermal kinetics model of lignin scavenging DPPH free radicals was established.The results showed that, as the intensity of hot water pretreatment increased, the fragmentation of lignin aryl ether bond, the degradation of wheat flavone, ferulic acid and p-coumaric acid, and the content of phenolic hydroxyl and carboxyl all increased.The antioxidant test showed that the DPPH radical scavenging rate of bagasse MWL(need to define)was 86.73%, the maximum DPPH radical scavenging rate of hot water pretreated lignin was 91.70%, and the DPPH radical scavenging rates of dilute acid pretreated lignin and Kraft lignin were 84.75% and 83.22%, respectively.Isothermal adsorption reaction model analysis showed that lignin scavenging DPPH radicals was more in line with Langmuir model, and pretreatment increased the DPPH scavenging rate of lignin.Compared with bagasse MWL, dilute acid pretreatment and Kraft cooking reduced the antioxidant capacity, while hot water pretreatment increased the antioxidant capacity of lignin.In addition, with the increasing intensity of hot water pretreatment, the degree of fragmentation of aryl ether bonds increased as well as the content of hydroxyl groups, which in turn enhanced the antioxidant properties of lignin.


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