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Modification of melamine-formaldehyde resin for decoration board
西南林业大学云南省木材胶黏剂及胶合制品重点实验室,昆明 650224
WANG Wenli PENG Jinda ZHAO Ziyuan ZHOU Xiaojian* ZHANG Jun DU Guanben
Yunnan Provincial Key Laboratory of Wood Adhesives and Glued Products, Southwest Forestry University, Kunming 650224, China
三聚氰胺甲醛树脂 邻苯二甲酸二烯丙酯 胶膜纸 饰面板 性能表征
melamine formaldehyde resin diallyl phthalate impregnted paper decorated board performance characterizaiton
S781.7; TQ433
10.13360/ j.issn.2096-1359.201908018
利用邻苯二甲酸二烯丙酯(diallyl phthalate,DAP)取代二乙二醇进行三聚氰胺甲醛树脂(melamine formaldehyde resin,MF)的改性,并用改性前后的MF树脂进行浸渍胶膜纸和饰面刨花板的制备。通过树脂基本性能测试、傅里叶红外光谱(FT-IR)和差式扫描量热(DSC)分析及饰面板材表面性能表征,得出以下研究结论:1)DAP的加入并未对MF树脂的外观性能、固体含量和化学结构产生明显影响,但增加了MF树脂的黏度,并提高了其固化温度; 2)DAP的加入明显提高了MF树脂浸渍胶膜纸的抗拉强度,当DAP取代二乙二醇达到100%时,胶膜纸抗拉强度从3.00 MPa提高至5.33 MPa,提高幅度明显,但胶膜纸韧性有所下降,当DAP添加量为20%质量分数时,胶膜纸的韧性和抗拉强度均有所增加,抗拉强度提高幅度为133%; 3)在未添加任何耐磨剂的前提下,DAP的加入明显改善了饰面板的耐磨性能,当DAP添加量为40%和60%时,磨耗值最低,从79.7 mg/(100 r)分别下降至61.4和62.3 mg/(100 r),且饰面板在测试350 r后表面无露底现象。DAP的加入对饰面板的耐冷热循环、耐水蒸气、耐剥离、耐污染和耐腐蚀等性能未产生影响。
In the wood panel industry, for the decoration purpose, most of the panels need to be surface-decorated using the impregnated paper, wood veneer, plastic and coating as well as texture photocopying prior to their applications, in which, the impregnated paper technology is a popular method to decorate the wood panels. As a common resin, melamine formaldehyde(MF)resin has the advantages of simple synthesis process, fast curing, good adhesion, light color and good scratch resistance, as well as the high temperature resistance. Although the special structure of melamine brings superior performance of resin, it leads to poor stability of resin, short storage period, poor fluidity and other drawbacks, which cause defects for impregnating the decoration paper, such as brittleness, easy to crack and short storage time. Therefore, the pure MF resin is rarely used directly for the impregnation and must to be modified prior to use. This research utilized the diallyl phthalate(DAP)to replace diethylene glycol(DEG)for the modification of MF resin. The particleboards were covered using two types of decoration paper, i.e., impregnation using the MF resins before and after the modification. Then, the influence of DAP addition on the performance of MF resin was evaluated from three perspectives: MF resin before and after the modification, the impregnated paper and the decorated board using the standard resin evaluation methods, namely, the Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy(FT-IR)and differential scanning calorimetry(DSC)analysis, as well as the surface performance characterization of the decorated board. The results indicated that:(1)the introduction of DAP did not affect the physical characteristics, solid content and chemical structure of the MF resin, while increased the viscosity and curing temperature of the MF resin;(2)the addition of DAP significantly enhanced the tensile strength of the MF resin impregnated paper; when the DEG was 100% replaced by DAP, the tensile strength of the impregnated paper increased significantly from 3.00 MPa to 5.33 MPa, while its toughness was dropped; when 20% DAP was added to replace DEG, both the tensile strength and the toughness of the paper were increased, in which, the tensile strength increased by 133%;(3)on the premise of no anti-wear agent added, the introduction of DAP improved wear resistance of the decorated panels. The abrasion values were reduced to 61.4 mg/(100 r)and 62.3 mg/(100 r)from 79.7 mg/(100 r)with the addition of 40% and 60% DAP, respectively. In addition, there was no color exposure from the decorated board matrix after 350 r grinding. The addition of DAP had no effect on resistance to cold-thermal cycling, resistance to water vapor, delamination resistance, pollution and corrosion resistance on surface and other performances of decorated board.


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