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 ZHU Liutong,GU Yunfeng,WU Gensheng.Biomass thermal conductivity measurement system design[J].Journal of Forestry Engineering,2020,5(02):97-102.[doi:10.13360/ j.issn.2096-1359.201904020]





Biomass thermal conductivity measurement system design
南京林业大学机械电子工程学院,南京 210037
ZHU Liutong GU Yunfeng WU Gensheng
College of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Nanjing Forestry University, Nanjing 210037, China
导热系数 热物性 生物质材料 LabVIEW 3ω法
thermal conductivity thermophysical property biomass material LabVIEW 3ω method
10.13360/ j.issn.2096-1359.201904020
With the increasing consumption of energy, traditional fossil resources are gradually depleted, and the utilization of the clean and renewable biomass energy has attracted the attention in many countries. To fully understand and utilize biomass energy, the thermophysical analysis of biomass materials is essential. The characterization of thermal conductivity of biomass has always been one of the key contents of research. It is important to develop a reliable and convenient measurement system. In this study, the thermal conductivity measurement system was designed and fabricated for solid-liquid phase samples based on the LabVIEW platform, which was relied on its powerful measurement and control functions, combined with the measurement principle of 3ω method and specific experimental steps. In the experiment, the measuring platinum wire was not only a heating element, but also a measuring element. An alternating current with an angular frequency of ω in the platinum wire generated a third harmonic electrical signal related to temperature fluctuations under the effect of the Joule effect. This signal was collected by the lock-in amplifier SR830 through the preamplifier circuit, and then the same communication address was set with the PC through the GPIB interface card to interact. Considering the complexity of the experimental process and the long-time span, relying on the powerful engineering assistance of LabVIEW, it was also very important to develop a host computer program that reduced the experimental intensity. The program control interaction interface of upper computer LabVIEW included four parts, i.e., the preliminary preparation, information recording, data acquisition and curve display. These four parts included the convenient hardware control, flexible information storage, and timely experimental error correction functions. Not only can quickly configure the phase-locked amplifier to balance out 1ω voltage, but also can reasonably arrange the experimental process to greatly reduce the experimental time and strength. These features increased the productivity and experimental accuracy of researchers. This study considered the impact of the dynamic response of the amplifier on the data acquisition of the hardware. This study also analyzed the effects of convective heat transfer of liquid and the disturbance of the experimental environment on the error from the aspects of the nature of the measurement object and the process of setting up the experimental bench, thereby further improving the accuracy of the experiment. In order to verify the reliability of the thermal conductivity measurement system, measurement experiments were performed on common biomass liquids, including samples with solid-liquid phase changes. The comparison between the measured values and the reference values in the literature showed that the system error was less than 5%, indicating that the measurement system had high reliability and stability.


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