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Self-adaptive and multi-functional fruit picking device
南京林业大学机械电子工程学院,南京 210037
CHENG Liang WANG Lijie* ZHANG Guoqing
College of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Nanjing Forestry University, Nanjing 210037, China
水果采摘 自适应 通用性 接触力 欠驱动
fruit picking self-adaptive universality contact force underactuation
S776; TP241
10.13360/ j.issn.2096-1359.201904036
为实现水果采摘的自适应性及通用性,基于欠驱动原理设计了一种能够根据水果的形状自动调整手指之间的相对位置,并能实现无损采摘的自适应多功能水果采摘装置。该水果采摘装置有3个手指,依靠3个驱动元件实现对整个装置的11个自由度的控制。通过电机驱动蜗轮蜗杆机构及直齿轮机构实现了手指间角度的调整,可完成对各类不同形状水果的采摘。利用气压传动实现了手指的张开与闭合,采用伺服电机带动气缸旋转从而带动手爪旋转,实现水果与果梗分离,同时,对水果采摘装置的结构、尺寸进行了设计。通过对各种不同形状水果的仿真验证得出,手指间呈120°分布时可实现对横径80~100 mm的类球形水果(如苹果等水果)的自适应包络抓取,同时,手指与水果间接触力可以控制在3~15 N; 手指间呈平行分布时可实现对横径65~85 mm的类圆柱形水果(如香瓜等水果)的自适应包络抓取,同时,手指与水果间接触力可以控制在3~15 N。2种情况下都既能稳定抓取水果,又能保护水果不受损伤。本研究设计的装置结构较简单,动作易于自锁,可自适应水果形状及大小,采摘可靠方便。
The main problems of fruit picking devices are as follows: 1)Poor adaptive grasping. Fruit picking device is difficult to adapt to the shape of fruit, resulting in crushing fruits easily. 2)Poor smooth-picking. At present, the end effector of fruit picking device mostly adopts rigid structure, and there is no buffering stage when holding fruit, while the fruit is delicate and easy to hurt. 3)Due to the lack of universality of picking, there are great differences in the shapes of different kinds of fruits, and the sizes of end-effector required by fruits with different sizes are also different. Currently, most fruit picking devices can only pick a specific kind of fruit, but not have universality of picking. In order to realize the self-adaptability and universality of fruit picking, a self-adaptive and multi-functional fruit picking device, which can adjust the relative position automatically between fingers according to the shape of fruit and realize the lossless picking based on the underactuation principle was designed. The fruit-picking device had three fingers and relies on three driving elements to control the whole device with 11 degrees of freedom. Through the motor drive worm gear mechanism and straight gear mechanism to achieve the adjustment of the angle between the fingers, the device could be completed to pick different shapes of fruits. Pneumatic transmission was used to realize the opening and closing of fingers, and servo motor was used to drive the cylinder for rotating the claw, so as to realize the separation of fruit and fruit-stalk. Meanwhile, the structure and size of the fruit picking device were designed. Through simulation to various fruit shape, fingers in 120° distribution could be realized the adaptive enveloping of spherical fruits such as apples with transverse diameter from 80 mm to 100 mm, and the contact force between fingers and fruit could be controlled from 3 N to 15 N at the same time. Fingers in parallel distribution could be realized the adaptive enveloping of cylindrical fruits such as muskmelon with transverse diameter from 65 mm to 85 mm, and the contact force between fingers and fruit could be controlled from 3 N to 15 N at the same time. In both cases, the fruit-picking device will stabilize the fruit and protect it from damage. The device had the advantages of simple structure, easy self-locking action, self-adaptive fruit shape and size, reliable and convenient picking.


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