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Preparation and properties of functional graphene/polyvinyl alcohol composite films(PDF)

Journal of Forestry Engineering[ISSN:2096-1359/CN:32-1862/S]

2018 No.02
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生物质能源与材料 执行主编:勇强 许凤
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Preparation and properties of functional graphene/polyvinyl alcohol composite films
WANG Xi LI Ying LIAN Hailan CHEN Yiming GUO Lu WANG Qian XU Changyan*
College of Materials Science and Engineering, Nanjing Forestry University, Nanjing 210037, China
polyvinyl alcohol reduced graphene oxide composite film barrier properties tensile strength electrical conductivity
As one of biodegradable polymers, polyvinyl alcohol(PVA)has great potential applications in packaging because of its special water solubility, film-forming property and excellent adhesion, however, this potential application is limited by its poor mechanical strength and barrier property. In this paper, a type of graphene/polyvinyl alcohol(rGO/PVA)film with good tensile strength and barrier performances as well as certain electrical conductivity was fabricated by using self-made graphene oxide and vitamin C as a strengthen phase and green reducing agent, respectively. The research was focused on the effects of the rGO content(1 wt%, 3 wt%, 5 wt%, and 7 wt%)on the performance of the rGO/PVA composite film. The results showed that the introducing of graphene into the PVA matrix significantly improved the tensile strength, water resistance and oxygen resistance of the PVA based composite films. In addition, the adding of graphene provided the composite certain electrical conductivity. However, the additive dosage of graphene had a threshold value. With an increase in graphene loading in the rGO/PVA film from 1wt% to 5 wt%, the tensile strength, contact angle of water and electrical conductivity increased gradually, but its water absorption rate and oxygen permeability coefficient decreased gradually. When the dosage of the graphene in the rGO/PVA film increased from 5 wt% to 7 wt%, the previously mentioned improvement was stopped. Therefore, in this study, the graphene loading of 5 wt% was set as the threshold value in the rGO/PVA film fabrication. At this case, the electrical conductivity of the composite film, the tensile strength, contact angle of deionized water, water absorption rate, oxygen penetration and oxygen permeability were 4.2×10-5 s/cm, 78.02 MPa, 84.9°, 38.9 wt%, 3.96 cm3/(m2·24h)and 0.902×10-15 cm3·cm/(cm2·s·Pa), respectively. The experiment results can provide reference values for the realization of the rGO-reinforced PVA film with high mechanical and barrier properties in packaging industry.


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