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Bamboo application in civil engineering field(PDF)

Journal of Forestry Engineering[ISSN:2096-1359/CN:32-1862/S]

2020 No.06
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Bamboo application in civil engineering field
LI Haitao XUAN Yiwei XU Bin LI Shuheng
College of Civil Engineering, International Collaborative Lab for Biocomposite Building Materials and Structures, Nanjing Forestry University, Nanjing 210037, China
original bamboo engineered bamboo civil engineering mechanical properties
Bamboo is a versatile material and has advantages of short growth cycle, highyield, renewable, abundant resource in the planet. China is rich in bamboo resources, and has a long history of bamboo cultivation and utilization. Thus, China is known as the kingdom of bamboo reputation. Bamboo also has good physical and mechanical properties, as well as ecological and cultural characteristics. Due to many outstanding features, bamboo has attracted more and more attentions on being utilized in many areas of the common life. However it also has some drawbacks, such as various mechanical properties in different fiber directions, easy to crack, poor fire resistance, anticorrosion, insectproof, and weatherproof. Based on the historical context, combined with many photos or schematic diagrams of engineering cases at domestic and international markets, the applications of original bamboo in geotechnical engineering, road engineering, hydraulic engineering, construction components, bridge engineering, bamboo building and other fields are introduced systematically in this study. There are about one billion people who are living in the bamboo building in the world. The development of engineering bamboo materials could be divided into five main stages, which are technology germination and product initiation stage, technology indepth development and product enrichment stage, large area promotion and processing technology maturity stage and boom stage. The development situation and characteristics of each stages are introduced systematically. According to the characteristics of raw materials and manufacturing technology, eight main engineering biocomposite materials, which are laminated bamboo lumber, parallel bamboo strand lumber (bamboo scrimber), GluBam, bamboo twined composite material, bamboo chip composite material, bamboo plastic composite material, bamboo wood composite material, and bamboo straw composite material, are selected and introduced in detail. A large number of engineering application cases are presented. It is urgent to set up the standards system to promote the development of the bamboo building industry based on the introduction of relevant national policies, the future application and development of bamboo are prospected.



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