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A method for obtaining plant morphological phenotypic parameters using image processing technology(PDF)

Journal of Forestry Engineering[ISSN:2096-1359/CN:32-1862/S]

2020 No.06
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装备与信息化 执行主编:周宏平
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A method for obtaining plant morphological phenotypic parameters using image processing technology
LI Yangxian ZHANG Huichun* YANG Yang
College of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Nanjing Forestry University, Nanjing 210037, China
Salix suchowensis Cheng morphological phenotypic parameter image processing 3D point cloud nondestructive measurement
China is a large agriculture and forestry country. Agroforestry is the foundation of Chinas national economy. However, with the continuous change of the worldwide environment, the global temperature and carbon dioxide concentration are rising, the degree of land salinization is increasing, and plants will face more and more harsh living environment. By studying the phenotype of plants, it can be understood the physical, physiological and biochemical characteristics and traits of plants produced by the interaction of the genotype of plants with the environment. Accelerating the study of plant phenotype can effectively promote the improvement of plant varieties, make plants adapt to the change of global environment, and thus accelerate the development of agriculture and forestry in China. The traditional method of extracting plant morphological phenotypic parameters by manual measuring instruments has many drawbacks, such as low efficiency, large error, weak applicability and strong destructiveness, which has become the bottleneck of plant phenotypic research. In this paper, Salix suchowensis Cheng, a sister species of the model tree poplar, was designed as a research object, and a set of plant morphological phenotypic parameters acquisition system based on the image processing technology was designed. The twodimensional image sequence of the plant was obtained by the highresolution RGB camera, the threshold segmentation method based on HSV model was used to segment the S. suchowensis Cheng and the background environment, and the threedimensional point cloud was generated by combining the structure from the motion (SFM) algorithm, and used the checkerboard to perform distance conversion between coordinate systems. Parameters such as plant height, basal diameter, leaf area, branch number and branch angle phenotype of S. suchowensis Cheng were extracted by this system and compared with the traditional manual contact measurement values. The average absolute percentage errors were 7.69%, 13.94%, 9.99%, 5.32% and 9.30%, respectively. The results showed that the plant morphological parameter acquisition system could reconstruct the threedimensional point cloud of plant, and had the ability to extract the morphological phenotypic parameters of plant quickly and precisely. Meanwhile, the system can achieve nondestructive measurement and satisfy the demand for the measurement of the threedimensional phenotypic parameters of S. suchowensis Cheng and the demand for S. suchowensis Cheng growth observation. Therefore, the system can provide data reference for the research on plant phenotype especially forest trees.



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