FENG Xinhao,WU Zhihui*.Development and prospect of furnishings manufactured by 3D printing technology[J].Journal of Forestry Engineering,2019,4(06):20-28.[doi:10.13360/j.issn.2096-1359.2019.06.003]





Development and prospect of furnishings manufactured by 3D printing technology
南京林业大学家居与工业设计学院,南京 210037
FENG Xinhao WU Zhihui*
College of Furnishings and Industrial Design, Nanjing Forestry University, Nanjing 210037, China
3D打印 家居制品 个性化定制 快速成型 后处理工艺
3D printing furnishings personalized customization rapid prototyping post-treatment
TN249; TS664
As an advanced manufacturing technology, 3D printing can not only make products with complex and fine structure, but also fabricate personalized or large-scaled products in accordance with customers’ particular needs and conditions.Therefore, the application of 3D printing technology in furnishings provides immense motivation for the innovation of furniture manufacture, design, and maintenance.On the one hand, 3D printing can speedily and efficiently produce the furniture models or products with complex and fine structures.On the other, the characteristic of free design and great molding of 3D printing technology offers a promising foundation for the innovation of furniture design and manufacturing.In this paper, the development history, advantages and disadvantages, and processing principle of 3D printing technology were firstly overviewed.Based on the summarization, the principle of 3D printed whole furniture, furniture parts, and surface decorations of furniture was introduced.The 3D printed furniture from different raw materials, such as plastic, metal, ceramic, and composites, was also presented and the corresponding printing principle and application of different materials in 3D printing was illustrated by giving a printing example to demonstrate the significance of 3D printing technology in furnishings.Furthermore, the molding principles and characters of several 3D printing technologies used in furnishings, such as fused deposition molding, selective laser sintering, direct ink writing, laminated object manufacturing, and ink-jet printing, were introduced.The application situation and development of these technologies applied in furnishings were detailedly described through typical examples.The post-processing of 3D printed furnishings, including post-curing, removing the supports, surface polishing, and surface coloring, was summarized.The post-processing provided an effective basis for improving the quality of 3D printed furnishings.By assessing the influence of 3D printing on the furniture manufacturing, it was concluded that the development trend of 3D printed furnishings would have significant benefits for the environmentally friendly environments, energy efficient production, and personalized furnishings customization.


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