RAO Xianxian,WU Chenyu,LUO Qingli,et al.Synthesis and properties of a rosin-based gemini surfactant containing a long spacer[J].Journal of Forestry Engineering,2019,4(06):83-90.[doi:10.13360/j.issn.2096-1359.2019.06.012]





Synthesis and properties of a rosin-based gemini surfactant containing a long spacer
江南大学化学与材料工程学院,合成与生物胶体教育部重点实验室,江苏 无锡 214122
RAO Xianxian WU Chenyu LUO Qingli LIU Yunshan SONG Binglei*
School of Chemical and Material Engineering, Jiangnan University, The Key Laboratory of Synthetic and Biological Colloids, Ministry of Education, Wuxi 214122, Jiangsu, China
松香 双子表面活性剂 合成 表面活性 蠕虫胶束 黏弹性
rosin Gemini surfactant synthesis surface activity wormlike micelle viscous
以歧化松香为原料,经过酯化和季铵化反应,合成得到一种含长联接链的松香基双子表面活性剂(简称R-D-12-D-R)。通过表面张力法、尼罗红荧光探针法和流变方法等研究了该表面活性剂的表面活性和流变行为。结果表明,该表面活性剂的临界胶束浓度(cmc)为0.11 mmol/L,临界胶束浓度处对应的表面张力(γcmc)为36.4 mN/m,使水的表面张力下降20 mN/m时所对应的表面活性剂浓度的负对数(pC20)为1.70,表现出很好的表面活性与聚集能力。随着表面活性剂浓度的增加,乳状液的液珠粒径也越来越小,乳状液也更加稳定,浓度大于0.10 mmol/L的乳状液在放置7 d以上依然可以保持稳定,这说明R-D-12-D-R还具有良好的稳定乳液的能力。R-D-12-D-R在溶液中可以自组装形成蠕虫胶束,使溶液表现出显著的黏弹性。在测试的振荡频率范围内,体系的弹性模量(G’)始终大于黏性模量(G″),表现出溶液具有显著的弹性特征。
Rosin is one of the renewable forest resources with favorable biodegradability and biocompatibility.Rosin acid is the main component of rosin, and its unique tricyclic phenanthrene skeleton structure shows strong hydrophobicity.Rosin is thus one of the important raw materials for preparing "green surfactant".Gemini surfactants consisted of two hydrophilic head groups, two hydrophobic tail chains and one spacer group.Compared with conventional surfactants, Gemini surfactants showed lower critical micelle concentration, higher surface activity and good lime soap dispersibility.Gemini surfactants had rich aggregation behavior and could form various aggregates such as thick-walled vesicles, tubular structures, spongy aggregates and wormlike micelles without any additives.The spacer group was an important structural element of the Gemini surfactant.The length, rigidity and polarity of the spacer had an important influence on the interactions between the surfactant molecules.Herein, taking the disproportionated rosin as the starting material, a rosin-based Gemini surfactant with long spacer, abbreviated as R-D-12-D-R, was synthesized through esterification and quaternization reactions.The solution behaviour of R-D-12-D-R was investigated using the surface tension, fluorescence and rheology methods.The results showed that cmc, γcmc and pC20 of R-D-12-D-R were 0.11 mmol/L, 36.4 mN/m and 1.70, respectively.The volume of the tricyclic diterpene structure of the dehydroabietic acid unit was relatively large, leading to dense arrangement of surfactants at the air/water interface.R-D-12-D-R thus exhibited a stronger ability to reduce surface tension than that of Gemini surfactants containing flexible hydrophobic tails.R-D-12-D-R also showed excellent performance in stabilizing emulsions.With the increase of surfactant concentration, the particle size of the emulsion became smaller, leading to more stable emulsions.Emulsions with concentration larger than 0.10 mmol/L remained stable after being placed for over 7 days.In addition, R-D-12-D-R can self-assembled into wormlike micellesand endowed the solutions with remarkable viscoelasticity.This was caused by the bended long spacer towards the alkyl tails, resulting in increased molecular packing parameter.Within the investigated oscillary frequencies, the elastic modulus(G’)was always above the viscous modulus(G″), indicating the solutions were elastic in nature.The investigation of rosin-based surfactants was helpful to reveal new principles of molecular interactions and could provide more systems containing novel self-assembled aggregates.


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